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Think ahead with people like you – ABSL Talks

Client: ABSL
It was a pleasure to organize one of the most inspiring events of 2017. On June 2nd, in EXPO-Łódź, together with ABSL we gathered - as our speakers - Randi Zuckerberg, Marcin Gortat, Yuri Drabent, Sylwia Królikowska and others. All of them, representing various industries, were there to inspire.

Creating ABSL Talks, we thought a lot about diversity of our speakers. It was essential for us to present various points of views, to let our audience – young employees, or even students – hear about many different approaches that can lead to professional success. Our Honorary Guest was Randi Zuckerberg – a long-term Marketing Chief for Facebook, now a well-known player on the U.S. media market.

You are good. Get better.

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