Publicon for PZFD Wrocław


A new action by PZFD Wroclaw, Budujemy Wrocław and ESK Wrocław 2016 – has begun: Literackie Osiedla (The Literary Estates). The developers spoke to the current and future inhabitants with the words of Leśmian, Krasicki, Orkan and Sienkiewicz. This is the first initiative to show how much from the poets’ words can apply to the life in a big city. Twelve places in Wrocław were revamped as developers gave more character to the fences surrounding their investments.

PZFD has attentively listened to their inhabitants’ needs for years, initiates actions building common space values, directs attention to the rules of safely purchasing flats, creates events bringing the developers closer to the inhabitants of the Lower Silesia.

Up till the end of November, Wrocław will be adorned in quotes from the extraordinary poets and writers, such as Bruno Schultz, Henryk Sienkiewicz or Jan Kochanowski. More info about the action can be found at