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Dick Dobrowolski

Client: Instytut Spraw Obywatelskich
Dick Dobrowolski is a cynical spin doctor, who sniffed out an opportunity to become a star just before the elections and deduced to dictate politicians what to say and what to do.

Dick Dobrowolski is a brand hero of a campaign which aims to encourage people to give 1% of their taxes to INSPRO, a „watchdog” type of organization. With reference to low budget, we aim to design and conduct a viral campaign. Buzz, which was generated without any additional media support, speaks for itself. Dick was praised by internet users and by journalists.

Dick Dobrowolski is a fictional character, inspired by American pop-culture. Our models were: a lawyer from „Breaking Bad” tv series – Saul Goodman, our Polish journalist Mariusz Max Kolonko and local media spin doctors, who – nomen omen – hated Dick, making it clear on Twitter.

We wanted to catch out cynical actions of our political class. And in such process, irony – well known in the Internet and among Y-generation – is the best tool. Dick was played by Piotr Marzec, a.k.a. Liroy. Nobody recognized him then. However, everybody laughed when he became politically involved few months later.

Dick appeared on YouTube. A website DickDobrowolski.com was set, he even had his own phone number and a personal assistant. And yes, he had a lot of inquiries. Dick Dobrowolski is still active on Twitter.

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