Public Relations

When working on Public Relations activities, the long-term effect of building and strengthening reputation is most important to us. We highlight the unique features of the product, company or scope of activities:

Range of activities:
  • Product PR
  • Corporate PR
  • media relations
  • organization of press conferences
  • media training
  • creative shipments
  • crisis management
  • building and strengthening PA campaigns
  • communication audit
  • internal communication
  • preparing public speeches
  • CSR & sponsorship strategies
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Karolina Sikorska
Partner/Senior PR Manager
Branding and advertising

We design visual identification systems supported by well-thought-out insights. Creativity and uniqueness of projects are key for us in building recognizable, distinctive brands.

Range of activities:
  • public opinion polls
  • preparation of brand strategy
  • naming
  • tone of voice of the brand
  • visual communication design
  • visual communication design
  • sign books
  • preparation and implementation of 360 campaigns
  • copywriting
  • graphic design: print & digital
  • ATL & BTL
  • multimedia materials
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Michał Ulidis
Strategy and surveys

When designing communication, we like to start with research and survey. It allows you to better understand the target group and build a reliable, engaging narrative based on hard data.

Range of activities:
  • quantitative research
  • qualitative research
  • ethnographic research
  • insights and strategic documents
  • trend analysis
  • strategic foresights
  • marketing strategies
  • communication strategies for cities and regions
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Michał Ulidis
Custom Publishing

We design publications for companies and organizations - both periodic and one-off. We know that care in preparing content, attention to language and graphic design have a huge impact on the reputation of companies. We guide you through the entire process - from planning topics to printing.

Range of activities:
  • magazines and company leaflets
  • catalogues, folders
  • newsletters and internal communication support tools
  • research, thematic and problem reports
  • multimedia projects
  • storytelling strategies and training
  • content development and correction
  • other publications
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Martyna Hliwa
PR Manager

We design and implement digital solutions that will help you move your business online or switch to remote work. We create simple websites, complex multimedia projects, and tools that automate processes in your company.

Range of activities:
  • digital change consulting
  • online communication design: www
  • own media ecosystem: implementation + implementation
  • implementation of digital tools
  • crowdsourcing & crowdfunding
  • digital process design
  • business process automation
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Michał Ulidis
Social Media

We design strategies based on in-depth insights. We know that gathering an engaged community around a brand is possible thanks to a good understanding of the target group.

Range of activities:
  • social media strategies
  • social media campaigns
  • maintaining social media profiles
  • training
  • Consulting
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Natalia Skowrońska
Head of Social Media
Content Marketing

When planning content marketing activities, we place great emphasis on creating and developing our own media. We aggregate content that builds the expertise of a person, brand or organization.

Range of activities:
  • copywriting
  • running and managing own media
  • specialized articles
  • company blogs
  • custom publishing
  • brochures, reports, special publications
  • special projects (multimedia)
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Karolina Sikorska
Partner/Senior PR Manager
Employer Branding

We support recruitment processes and help select tools that allow you to effectively reach the target group. We systematize internal communication in the company and take care of brand exposure in industry and local media.

Range of activities:
  • employer branding strategies
  • employer branding campaigns
  • ATL & BTL creations
  • digital campaigns
  • running campaigns on social media
  • employee advocacy
  • photo sessions
  • own media & internal communication
  • special events
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Edyta Bieda
PR Manager

When organizing events, the most important thing for us is to create a platform for communication: exchange of experiences, knowledge and contacts. We ensure a high substantive level of the speeches and an event lineup adequate to the target group.

Range of activities:
  • thematic and industry conferences
  • special events
  • media events
  • festivals
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Karolina Sikorska
Partner/Senior PR Manager

We will train your team to be able to independently conduct PR activities. We share our know-how in a scope tailored to your industry, analyze the activities undertaken so far and help increase their effectiveness. We also deal with social and political campaigns and personal branding.

Range of activities:
  • brand building training
  • training in building PR strategies
  • copywriting training
  • social media campaign settings
  • communicating effectively on LinkedIn
  • crisis management
  • design thinking
  • trends training
  • personal branding
  • communication of cities and regions
  • training for NGOs
  • political marketing
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Michał Tkaczyszyn
PR Manager

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